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Building Your Deck Part 4: Decking Handrails & Decking Spindles

Now you have got your newel posts in place its time to install your Decking Handrails and Decking Spindles.

There are various designs of Decking Handrails and Decking Spindles to choose from but the installation is pretty much the same no matter what design you choose. Also most Decking Systems offer fixing brackets to make fitting your Handrails easier and to save you from having to form a mortise and tenon joint.

Decking Handrails

Decking Handrail Fixing Bracket

Fig 1

The first thing to do is to determine the height of your Decking Handrail. UK Building Regulations require a handrail height of 900mm high for decks below 600mm from the ground and a handrail height of 1100mm for decks higher than 600mm from the ground. Measuring up from the bottom of the deck mark your required handrail height onto your newel post (fig 1).

Using a 22mm flat bit drill the post to a depth of 100 and then using a 10mm drill bit drill down the centre of the 22mm hole to a total depth of 30mm before screwing down the metal insert of your handrail fixing bracket into the 10mm hole. Mark and drill all your newel posts in the same manner.

Decking Spindles

Decking Spindles

Fig 2

Before fitting your Handrails to the Newel Posts you need to install your Decking Spindles. To start determine the required height for your Spindles and cut them down to size. Then starting with the bottom rail screw through the bottom of it and into the bottom of the Decking Spindle. A 75mm screw is the best to use here.

Once Spindles have been fitted to the bottom rail its time to fit the top handrail. Our Universal Rail comes with a carrying fillet for this and you simply screw through the fillet and into the top of the Spindles. Once the Fillet is full you then install the fillet onto the Handrail (Fig 2) by screwing through the bottom of the fillet into the Handrail using 40mm screws.

N.B. Spindles should be spaced so that the gap between them doesn’t exceed 99mm.

Once the Spindles have been fitted to the Handrails simply fit the Handrails to the Newel Posts using the fixing brackets and your run of Decking is complete.

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