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Fitting Stair Handrails to Newel Posts

It’s not easy to fix hand rails to newel posts using traditional mortice and tenon joints, but Blueprint Joinery offer a simple fixing system that anyone can use. The universal handrail fixing bracket makes fitting handrails to stair newels and balustrade systems simple. The Handrail Fixing Kit is suitable for all timber types and profiles including HDR and LHR profile handrails.

You don’t have to buy lots of different complicated pre-drilled newel posts, you can use your existing posts or new un-drilled posts with the handrail fixing kit.

You drill through your new or existing newel posts for the bolt to pass through, sink the nut into the handrail and connect the two pulling the rail tight to the post and cover the bolt head with a cover cap.

Suitable for use with all our timber stair handrails

Stair Handrail Fixing Kit

Stair Handrail Fixing Kit

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How easy is Oak Stair Cladding to fit?

We would put fitting oak stair cladding in the “Competent DIY’er” category. As long as you can measure, mark and use a saw accurately then the job of converting your exiting staircase into a solid oak looking stair is pretty simple.

Follow these simple Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions to change the look of your staircase.

  • Before you start, ensure that all the existing steps and risers are clean, dry and clear of any uneven surface defects. We recommend that you sand the treads and risers using an electric sander to give a sound base for your new stair treads and risers.
  • Measure how far the existing bullnose on the end of your step sticks out from the riser board. Measure from the face of the riser board to the out most part of your existing tread. Cut some packing strips and secure them to the bottom of your existing riser with suitable wood screws.
Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

  • Starting at the bottom of your staircase cut two Stair Klad Riser Boards to size and glue the to them packing strips with Flexible Polymer Adhesive. The top of the riser will be held securely in place by the tread
  • Cut your Stair Klad Treads to size and apply a good amount of flexible polymer adhesive approx 10mm bead on your existing step
Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

  • Push the Stair Klad Tread onto the glue bed firmly making sure the riser fits snugly into the groove on the underside of the tread.
  • Continue up the staircase fitting Stair Klad Risers first and then the Stair Klad Treads.
Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

Oak Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

  • If you have a mid-landing or larger than average treads including Kite Winders then you need to use the Stair Klad Extension Boards. First stick down your Tread, cut your extension boards to size, apply a good amount of glue in 10mm beads, and push the extension boards and treads together using Stair Klad Biscuit Joints
Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

Stair Klad Fitting Instructions

Oak Stair Tread and Riser Kits from £36.00 inc VAT see OAK STAIR CLADDING at Blueprint Joinery

Click to Download the Fitting Instructions

If you need help planning your project just give us a ring on 01691 671020 or email us a plan or photographs to info@blueprintjoinery.com

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